Waterpik Comparison: Waterpik Ultra vs Aquarius

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The Waterpik Aquarius WP-660 is arguably the water flosser that is supposed to replace the older Waterpik Ultra WP-100. Yet, countertop water flossers are a mature technology and real disruptive innovation is hard to find in the market. This makes it important to consider if it is worthwhile to buy or upgrade to the newer piece of technology.

For those of you who want to make an educated choice, Anna and I will compare the Waterpik WP-100 vs WP-660 in depth:

Waterpik Aquarius water flosser,

  • Usefulness 75%
  • Design 65%
  • Reliability 85%
  • Value for Money 75%

WP-660 Benefits:

  • New features: 30s timers, LED function indicator, Hydro Pulse massage mode
  • Slimmer, more modern design
  • Richer color choice from the Aquarius Designer series (WP-670)
  • Better handle & hose

Waterpik Ultra water flosser,

  • Usefulness 70%
  • Design 50%
  • Reliability 85%
  • Value for Money 85%

WP-100 Benefits:

  • Removable water tank lid that doesn’t get in the way
  • Bigger, easier to use replacement tip storage
  • Bigger, easier to use handle holster
  • Cheaper


Waterpik Ultra vs Aquarius: Innovative Features

The easiest to notice difference between the two flossers is the new features of the Waterpik Aquarius.

The first feature is the 30s timer. Although some people find it useless, I think it could be quite convenient. It is recommended that you water floss at least for 1 minute per day. This means that the signal the Aquarius gives you on the 30th second is a reminder to move on to the other half of your mouth. Even if you fail to do so, you have 30 seconds extra (the water lasts for 90s on the highest pressure level) to finish up.

The other two features are a LED function indicator and more importantly – a hydro pulse massage mode. At first, I thought it is a gimmick and didn’t use it at all. Later on, however, Anna informed me that the slower pulses of the water jet in the massage mode should actually be better at stimulating your gums’ blood flow compared to the normal almost constant stream of water in floss mode. This means that if you have issues with your gums, the Waterpik Aquarius WP-660 could be a bit more useful for you compared to the Ultra WP-100 because of this unique feature.

Waterpik Ultra vs Aquarius: Tank Lid and Tip Storage

The lid and tip storage are where Waterpik Ultra WP-100 gets most of the points. Its lid is removable, which means it doesn’t get in the way when you are manipulating the tank. The tip storage is easily accessible (inside the lid) and well designed. It holds up to 4 replacement tips, compared to the 2 that you can put into the Waterpik Aquarius.

Unlike the Ultra, the tip storage of the Aquarius is on the inside of the machine, next to the tank. This makes it much harder to reach if the tank is not removed. Making the storage smaller and moving it was probably a result of Waterpik’s attempt to make the Aquarius look slimmer. Well, they succeeded, but they made its tip storage less practical.

The lid of the Aquarius (WP-660) is attached to the body of the flosser. This is a feature some people like, but most complain it gets in the way when you have to remove the tank.

Below: Waterpik Aquarius replacement tip storage; Waterpik Aquarius handle & hose; Waterpik Ultra handle & hose;

Waterpik Aquarius tip storage
Waterpik Aquarius handle & hose; Waterpik Ultra handle & hose;

Waterpik Ultra vs Aquarius: Hose & Handle

Most of the complaints about the Waterpik Ultra (WP-100) are connected with its hose and handle. The hose is a bit shorter than that of the Aquarius, making it a bit harder to use the device unless you place it right on the edge of the sink. Moreover, the handle itself has some major design flaws:

The pause button (that stops the stream of water) is rather stiff. You need to hold it down to keep the water from flowing, which could be quite tiresome and releasing the button by accident is not very uncommon. Accidentally pressing the tip release button with your thumb is also quite common. Doing this while the water is flowing will eject the tip with some force and will most probably spray water all over the place. Having this happen to you every once in a while could be quite annoying.

Waterpik has solved most of the problems with the hose and handle in the Aquarius Professional water flosser. The hose is a bit longer and the tip release button is foolproof. Waterpik has attempted to solve the stiff pause button problem as well, but have managed to do so only partially. Instead of a button, the Waterpik Aquarius has an on/off slider on the handle. This removes the need to continuously press down, however, the slider is pretty stiff as well. Most people tend to use the main on/off switch on the body of the flosser to start and stop the water flow both in the Aquarius and Ultra both.

The only thing I like more about the handle of the Ultra vs that of the Aquarius is its holder. It is a bit bigger and the hose and handle go back into place a bit easier. The hose and handle of the Aquarius might need a bit more fiddling to get in place properly and neatly.

Waterpik Ultra vs Aquarius: Design

The more modern design of the Waterpik Aquarius is the main thing that makes me like it better than the Ultra. I’ve said it many times on this blog and I’ll say it again in this Waterpik Ultra vs Waterpik Aquarius review: looks matter. That’s because water flossers (and all oral health care products) need consistency to provide results. You need to floss for 1 minute twice or at least once per day. This might not seem hard at first (it certainly is easier than using dental floss every day), but as time goes it might become tedious. Making yourself floss every day is much, much easier if you actually like your device. Sure, the Aquarius WP-100 water flosser doesn’t have a groundbreaking design, but at least it looks like a modern piece of technology. The Waterpik Ultra WP-100 is more than 10 years old and sadly it looks its age.

Waterpik Ultra vs Aquarius: Design

In terms of colors, both the Waterpik Ultra and Aquarius basic models come in two variants – Black and White.

  • Waterpik Ultra (WP-100): white/blue
  • Waterpik Ultra (WP-112): black/clear
  • Waterpik Aquarius Professional (WP-660): white/clear
  • Waterpik Aquarius Professional (WP-662): black/clear

The Waterpik Aquarius Designer series (WP-670), are available in more colors:

Waterpik Aquarius Designer series (WP-670) in all colors

White: WP-670; Black: WP-672; Blue: WP-673; Pink: WP-674; Orchid: WP-675; Teal: WP-676

The privilege to choose your color and to have glossier buttons, however, comes at a higher price. This is the only difference in WP-670 vs 660. Nonetheless, if choosing a color that fits your bathroom will make you like your water flosser a bit more, I think it is worth investing a few more bucks.

Additional info: Waterpik Ultra vs Platinum

The WP-670 designer series is a visually fancier version of the Waterpik Aquarius WP-660. Similarly, the Waterpik Platinum is a visually fancier version of the Waterpik Ultra WP-100. The only real difference in Waterpik Ultra vs Waterpik Platinum is the design and the price. However, unlike the Ultra, the Platinum was removed from Waterpik’s official site. This leads us to believe it was discontinued. Nonetheless, it could still be found on Amazon at the time of writing this Waterpik review.


In terms of effective flossing, both products do an equally good job. Their effectiveness is even backed by clinical studies – Waterpik as a brand takes a lot of pride in this fact.

Both products are technically very similar. They have 10 pressure settings, a max pressure level of 100 PSI and a flow rate of 13 ounces per minute. Both the Aquarius and the Ultra have a water tank that could hold up to 22 ounces (650ml) of water. This is enough to sustain a flossing session on max pressure for up to 90 seconds. Both have an American-only voltage (120VAC/60hz) and very similar noise levels.

In some product reviews, customers criticize the Waterpik Aquarius for being lighter than the Waterpik Ultra. They even draw the conclusion that Waterpik has been cutting costs by using less durable materials. Nonetheless, even though the shipping weight of the Aquarius is indeed lighter – 2.00 Lbs (0.910 kg) vs 3.02 Lbs (1.370 kg) for the Ultra, the weight of the actual device is practically the same. The Aquarius weighs 1.46 Lbs, versus the Ultra that weighs 1.48Lbs.

Waterpik Aquarius replacement tips

Both products come with the same type of replacement tips: Classic Jet tips, an Orthodontic tip, a Plaque Seeker tip, a Pik Pocket tip and a Toothbrush tip. The only difference is that for the Waterpik Aquarius Professional (WP-660 & WP-670) you get 3 Classic Jet tips, while for the Waterpik Ultra (WP-100) – you get 2.

The maintenance both models need is also the same – the standard running of the device with a vinegar solution to prevent mildew and mineral buildups. We should emphasize soaking the handle of Waterpik Ultra in a vinegar solution because mildew tends to build up in its nooks and crannies. Nonetheless, you should do that for the Aquarius as well, just in case.

The most fragile part of both devices is the handle, and thankfully it is replaceable. Moreover, the most common problem down the line for both are leaks from under the tank.

Waterpik WP-100 vs WP-660:
Final Decision

Let’s be frank: the innovative features on the Waterpik Aquarius are nothing groundbreaking, neither is its design. Both the Ultra and the Aquarius perform their oral health care job very well and are reasonably reliable. At the same time, both have their specific design flaws. The Waterpik Ultra suffers from inconvenience problems with its handle, the Waterpik Aquarius – with its lid and replacement tip storage.

Comparing the Waterpik Aquarius vs Ultra could be summarized like this:

  • The Waterpik Aquarius gives us a more modern design and some new features.
  • The Waterpik Ultra gives us more value for money.

In my book, however, the winner of the Waterpik Ultra vs Aquarius match is the Aquarius. It has more features and a better design, which excites me a bit more and makes it easier for me to use the product daily. This is why we chose the Waterpik Aquarius as the best countertop water flosser in our Best Water Flosser buyers guide.

Yet, if you are simply looking for value for money the better choice for you is the Ultra.

P.S. Amazon has been selling the Waterpik Aquarius Professional (WP-660, NOT the WP-670) at a discount for a long time. If this is true when you are reading this, the Ultra loses its main selling point and advantage in this comparison – that it is cheaper. Buying a newer piece of technology on the same price as the old one, in my opinion, is worth it, so check out the current price of both before you make a purchase.

If you still can’t make up your mind, take a look at our full Waterpik Aquarius review and our full Waterpik Ultra review.

Waterpik Aquarius water flosser WP-660 vs Waterpik Ultra water flosser WP-100