Waterpik Reviews: Waterpik Cordless Advanced (WP-560)

by | Jun 8, 2017 | Product Reviews, Waterpik Reviews

Despite the child in me saying otherwise, travelling is not an excuse for poor dental hygiene. Waterpik seems to be in the same opinion:

The Waterpik Cordless Advanced (WP-560) is Waterpik’s latest model in the company’s line of portable water flossers designed for travel. It is the premium member of the family – it has the most features and is also sold at the highest price (if not on discount). So, is the price worth it?

This is what we’ll try to figure out in this in-depth Waterpik Cordless Advanced review:


  • Beneficial for your oral health care & hygiene

  • Beautiful design: looks stylish, even a bit feminine

  • Global voltage capabilities

  • Useful features: LED indicators, quiet design, wateproof


  • Relatively expensive for a cordless water flosser
  • A bit bulky, even though it is designed for travel
  • Major reliability problems with its non-replaceable battery

Waterpik Cordless review:

Before delving into the specifics of the Waterpik Cordless Advanced (WP-560), I think it would be useful to compare a countertop to a cordless water flosser in general.

Waterpik Cordless vs Countertop: Disadvantages

  • The handle (which is the whole unit) is clunky, heavy and harder to manipulate precisely compared to the handle of a countertop model. You need to hold it upright to keep the water flowing, which makes reaching your back teeth harder.
  • Cordless models have lower water stream pressure (usually max 75PSI compared to 100PSI).
  • They have smaller reservoirs, which means you need to refill at least once to clean your teeth completely.
  • You need to take care of the battery – to charge it properly if it is rechargeable or to replace it in time if it is not.

Waterpik Cordless vs Countertop: Advantages

  • They are water-proof and you can use them in the shower.
  • Cordless models are obviously more convenient for travel – smaller, don’t require a power outlet, etc..
  • The Waterpik WP-560 comes with global voltage capacity, which means you can use it outside of NA.

Waterpik WP-560 Review: Oral Health Benefits

If used correctly and regularly (for 1 minute every day), the Waterpik Cordless Advanced will improve your oral hygiene. Waterpik is very proud of the fact that the oral health benefits of their products have been clinically proven. The WP-560 is no exception.

The only critique you might have in this regard is the water pressure. The Cordless Advanced has three pressure settings (low, medium & high). As all cordless Waterpik models, it reaches a maximum pressure of 75 PSI, while most of the modern countertop models reach up to 100 PSI. This means that if you have food debris stuck very tightly between your teeth, the countertop models should take care of that problem more efficiently. Nonetheless, in most cases, 75 PSI should be sufficient for everyday use. You can always use dental floss to deal with such extreme cases every once in a while.

Waterpik WP-560 Review: Water Tank

The Waterpik Cordless Advanced has a detachable water tank, which holds up to 7 Ounces (210 ML) of water. This is enough for 45 seconds of flossing at the highest pressure setting. Bear in mind that this is 2 ounces and 15 seconds more than some of the older Waterpik Cordless models. The Waterpik WP-360, WF-03 (Cordless Freedom) and WF-02 (Cordless Express) have a water tank of 5 ounces that lasts 30 seconds.

Having 45 seconds worth of water means that in order to reach the recommended 1 minute of water flossing, you would have to refill the tank once. This is no big deal, but having to do this daily could get a bit annoying. Still, in order to fit a bigger tank Waterpik have to make the whole unit larger. This goes against the central idea of making a Waterpik for travel – compactness. It is understandable that they don’t want to make sacrifices in terms of portability. Nonetheless, there are alternative solutions to this problem. For example, Jetpik water flossers can use a regular glass/mug of water as a reservoir, making them much more portable and convenient.

Waterpik Cordless Advanced water tank

In order to fill the tank of the WP-560, you have a choice – to fully detach the tank or use the small hatch at the back. Both choices are not perfect – it can be a bit of a struggle to detach the tank, so it is annoying to do it twice per sessions. In the same time, the hatch is a bit small and it takes longer to fill the reservoir through it.

Waterpik WP-560 Review: In the Box

Waterpik Cordless Advanced WP-560 box contents

The Waterpik Cordless Advanced (WP-560) comes with a travel pouch and a replacement tip storage case. Both of these things are quite convenient for travel (although for a premium product I would be happier with fancier travel cases). It also comes with a “water plug” – a thing you put instead of a flosser tip when you are not using the machine. The idea is that this way you would prevent any accidental water spillage in your luggage. Why you would carry the WP-560 with water inside, however, is beyond me. I think it’s kind of common sense to remove the water before putting it in the bag. Even if you are 100% certain it will not leak, why should you carry the extra weight?

The Waterpik Advanced Cordless comes with 4 tips – two Classic Flossing tips, one Orthodontic and one Plaque Seeker tip. This is standard for the newer Waterpik Cordless models. If you have periodontal pockets and need the Pik Pocket tip you would have to buy it separately.

Waterpik WP-560 tips and charger

Waterpik WP-560 Review: Additional Features

Waterproof: the electrical bits are perfectly isolated and you can use it in the shower. This could shave some minutes off your morning routine and is something you cannot do with a countertop model.

Extra quiet design: The WP-560 is most definitely not silent, but it is quieter than the older WP-440 and WP-450 models. In fact, this is the first water flosser for which I don’t see a lot of users complaining about the noise. A step in the right direction.

LED function indicator: The LED indicators are something I don’t particularly care about in countertop models. In a cordless model with battery, however, it is extremely convenient to have an indicator telling you if your battery is full or empty. This is probably one of the biggest advantages the Cordless Advanced (WP-560) has over the Cordless Plus (WP-450) and Cordless Professional (WP-440). In the WP-440 and WP-450 models, you are expected not to let the battery deplete completely and not to overcharge it – this task is a bit absurd bearing in mind the units don’t have battery indicators. The Waterpik Cordless Advanced (WP-560) takes care of this problem.

Waterpik WP-560 modes

Waterpik WP-560 Review: Charger & Battery

Having the LED indicator is useful. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that the whole charging situation for the WP-560 is without a problem. In fact, the most common major complaints about the Waterpik Cordless Advanced WP-560 are about the battery. Both in terms of usefulness and reliability.

The WP-560 is the first cordless Waterpik with inductive charging. It has a magnetic charger that you stick to the unit and in 4 hours the battery is fully charged.

Waterpik Cordless Advanced Wp-560 magnetic charger

This seems futuristic and cool, yet the battery has some very basic problems. You should never over-charge it (leave the charger on after it is full) and you should also never let it completely deplete- this will significantly reduce its life.

This means that you need to actively take care of it. Otherwise, you will have to throw your unit away sooner rather than later (the battery is not replaceable).

Imagine the following situation: Before going to bed you use your Waterpik Cordless Advanced. You notice that the battery is about to deplete. So what do you do? If you put the charger on and go to bed, it is going to charge for 8 hours and overcharge. If you don’t put it on the charger, it might deplete completely. Funnily, the “4-hour rapid magnetic charge” seems like a disadvantage right now – if only it charged for 8 hours.

What is astonishing to me is that we live in the 21st century and that this is a premium product you expect to use for as long as possible. Surely there is a way to make the charger switch itself off when the battery is full. This way you will be able to keep the flosser on the charger without having to worry.

Sadly, this is not the reality of the Waterpik Cordless Advanced (Wp-560). Having a rechargeable water flosser is very convenient on theory. In practice, however, this battery problem bothers me so much that I think I might prefer the more basic Waterpik WF-03 and WF-02 models. They run on normal AA batteries (and are cheaper), which gives me the peace of mind that I cannot make my water flosser for travel useless by not taking care of the battery properly.

On a more positive note, a big improvement of the WP-560 over the other Waterpik Cordless models is that the WP-560 works on Global voltage – 100 – 240 VAC (60/50Hz). This means you can easily use it outside of NA. (Of course, you can use the WF-03 and WF-02 outside of the US as well.)

Waterpik CORDLESS review:

Water flossers rarely receive praise for their design and with good reason. Most products on the market are quite clunky and look outdated. The Cordless Advanced, however, is a clear indication that Waterpik is trying to change this. The unit looks quite elegant with its gentle oval curves. You could even say it feels feminine.

Waterpik Cordless Advanced (WP-560)

Unlike the other members of the Waterpik Cordless family, the WP-560 comes in four colors. You could choose the one that you like the most (or the one that matches your bathroom). Each color comes with a different model number:

  • WP-560 – White Cordless Advanced Water Flosser
  • WP-562 – Black Cordless Advanced Water Flosser
  • WP-563 – Blue Cordless Advanced Water Flosser
  • WP-565 – Orchid Cordless Advanced Water Flosser

Anna loves the orchid color option the most – she thinks it adds to the feminine feel of the design.

Waterpik Cordless Advanced design

The only negative thing you could say about the design of the unit is that it is still a bit bulky. This is not a problem of looks as much as it is a problem of practicality – it takes space in the luggage and is a bit clunky to handle.

Waterpik Cordless review:

I’ve said it many times and I’ll say it again – Waterpik’s main strength is that they make reliable products compared to the competition. The WP-560 is no exception – it comes with a 2-year warranty.

Nonetheless, the Cordless Advanced has one huge reliability problem – its battery. We already mentioned how it is hard and impractical to take care of the battery of the WP-560. The implications are that if you don’t take proper care of it (and you most probably won’t be able to) it will start holding less and less charge.

This means that every time you over-charge it or let it deplete, you are reducing its life. Since it is not replaceable, you are in fact reducing the life of the whole water flosser, even if everything else works properly.

If the battery starts dying on you very quickly you could contact customer service. We read about a couple of cases where Waterpik provided a replacement unit. Nonetheless, this is not something you should count on. In the eyes of the producer, it is your responsibility to take proper care of the battery and they could easily deny you a replacement if they wish to do so.

We saw the same battery problems in Waterpik’s electric toothbrushes (Sensonic). At this point, we are starting to think that Waterpik is cutting costs with their batteries and charging systems. In my eyes, this is quite a big deal when you are producing cordless, portable electric devices.

If you are able to properly take care of the battery of the Cordless Advanced water flosser, all of this might not be a big problem for you. For me, however, buying a chargeable Waterpik for travel seems a bit too risky. It is not a cheap product. When I make such a purchase I prefer to be certain that my new gadget is going to last. In the case of the Cordless Advanced, however, I am not certain this would be the case because taking care of the battery seems unreasonably hard.

Waterpik Cordless review:

Waterpik Cordless Advanced (WP-560) vs Waterpik Cordless Plus (WP-450)

Waterpik Cordless Advanced,

  • Usefulness 70%
  • Design 80%
  • Reliability 60%
  • Value for Money 60%
  • Has LED battery and function indicators
  • Quiet design
  • Inductive charging: takes it 4 hours to charge from 0% to 100%
  • 1250 pulses per minute
  • Global voltage capacity
  • Travel case

Waterpik Cordless Plus,

  • Usefulness 65%
  • Design 65%
  • Reliability 55%
  • Value for Money 70%
  • Value for money: WP-450 is cheaper and is more likely to be sold on discount because it is an older model
  • No LED indicators
  • Takes 24 hours to charge from 0% to 100%
  • 1450 pulses per minute
  • NA only voltage

The Waterpik Cordless Advanced is better than the Waterpik Cordless Plus pretty much in every aspect besides one – the price.

If you are looking for a Waterpik for travel on a bargain price, however, WP-450 might not be the best choice. It has the same battery issues like the WP-560 made worse by the fact that it has no LED battery indicator. In terms of bang for the buck (at the time of writing this), the Waterpik Cordless Express WF-02 and Cordless Freedom WF-03 are the winners in the Waterpik Cordless product line.

Waterpik Cordless review:

The Waterpik Cordless Advanced WP-560 has major usefulness and reliability issues with its battery. This is the main reason why I personally prefer Waterpik’s countertop water flossers – they simply feel more reliable and useful to me.

If you really need a water flosser for travel, I recommend checking out Waterpik’s cordless water flossers with standard AA non-rechargeable batteries – the WF-02 Cordless Express and WF-03 Cordless Freedom models. These models are fool-proof and provide more value for money. Alternatively, you can check out Jetpik’s innovative solution to the portability issue in our Jetpik review.

That being said, the Waterpik Cordless Advanced WP-560 is a beautiful piece of technology. It is also a big improvement over the older Waterpik Cordless models in terms of features with it’s LED indicator, magnetic charging, quiet design and global voltage capabilities.

If you are the kind of person that doesn’t want to make compromises in terms of looks, features and premium feel, then the Cordless Advanced WP-560 might be the best product on the market for you. To make your purchase last, however, you will have to take proper care of its battery.

Waterpik Cordless Advanced