Oral health starts from the beginning.

The eruption of baby teeth is undoubtedly one of those great events that parents are eagerly waiting for. Тhe first tooth usually rises around the sixth month. It is important to immediately begin with good oral hygiene. Here are some steps to the good start of your child’s teeth:

Gum Massage

Аs you may well know tooth eruption is a painful process. So if you want to help your baby deal with the pain, you can massage their gums. Тhere are many tools and gels available on the market that are suitable for the purpose, but the simplest and best solution out there are chew toys and the early and gradual introduction of solid food – giving a carrot to a baby to play with could be messy, but it is very beneficial to the little one’s gums.

Massage relieves pain, it can also speed up the process of tooth extraction.

A Soft Toothbrush

When you see that the first tooth is a fact, you should get a very soft toothbrush. Hard brushes can damage the already wounded gum with freshly erupting teeth, so make sure not to use a toothbrush for adults. Toothpaste is not recommended from early on, but at 18 months you can introduce a small amount of low-fluoride toothpaste to start building healthy habits.

Nutritious and Solid Food

Рroper nutrition is important not only for the teeth of your children but for their overall health. When your baby begins to eat food, you should avoid giving it sweets – e.g. candy. In addition to its lack of nutritional value, candy is harmful to the teeth and causes the appearance of caries because sugar is the favorite food source of some types of harmful bacteria that lives in the mouth. Тhe menu should contain as little processed food as possible and solid food should be introduced from early on in order to exercise and help with the proper development of the baby’s mouth musculature (tongue, chewing muscles, etc.).

Regular Examinations

We don’t know a single person who likes visiting the dentist. Moreover, oral hygiene information is more easily accessible than ever with the help of the internet – this article being an example. Nonetheless, this is no substitution for regular consultation with an expert for obvious reasons. You should not worry about bringing your small child to a dentist especially for chek-ups because nowadays dentists have a much better approach to the children and make the extra effort needed to make them feel comfortable.

A Good Example

Кids are great at imitating adults. The easiest way to create good habits is to demonstrate them. Make sure to eat nutritious, whole foods yourself if you require your child to do so. Brush your teeth together with their before bed, etc.

And don’t forget.. oral health habits start from the beginning.