Jetpik vs Waterpik: an in-depth buyers guide

by | Jul 10, 2017 | Buying Guides

In this Jetpik vs Waterpik buyers guide we will help you make the best decision if you are unsure whether to buy a Jetpik or a Waterpik water flosser.

Waterpik is the brand that invented the personal oral irrigator and has been the leader in this market for many decades. We will say right away that Waterpik products are the safe choice in this comparison. Waterpik has much more engineering experience, helping them make more reliable water flossers. However, their product offering is a bit stale. Many users criticize Waterpik for not innovating enough. Some even hold the opinion that older Waterpik models were of better quality than the new models.

Jetpik is the absolute opposite of Waterpik. They are newcomers in the market and their biggest plus is that they are trying hard to improve the traditional water flosser technology. Jetpik products have a large variety of extremely smart and useful innovative feature (as seen in our Jeptik reveiw). They are also much more flexible and multi-functional than Waterpik products. Being a newcomer on the market, however, Jetpik has less experience producing this type of technology. Sadly, their products have serious reliability problems.

Further down in this Jetpik vs Waterpik review you will see comparisons between similar Jetpik and Waterpik models. Hopefully, this will help you chose the best product for your needs.

Below: Waterpik Aquarius (WP-660) vs Jetpik JP200 Elite

Waterpik Aquarius (WP-660) against Jetpik JP200 Elite

jetpik vs waterpik: oral health & Hygiene 

The oral hygiene (and consequently oral health) benefits of water flossers as a whole have been scientifically proven. This is a fact mainly thanks to Waterpik’s efforts to develop the technology and to test it. They are very proud that clinical trials have shown their products to remove up to 99.9% of plaque biofilm. This is significantly more than manual brushing and flossing. Since Jetpik uses a very similar water flossing technology (e.g. the maximum water jet pressure of both brands is the same – 100 PSI), it is safe to assume that Jetpik flossers share the same general oral hygiene benefits. The main difference between the two brands in this regard is that on one hand, Waterpik has a range of various specialized water flosser tips, while Jetpik has only a standard flosser tip. On the other hand, Jetpik is using a patented pulsating floss technology – there is a nylon string pulsating along with the water jet. This supposedly makes the water flosser even more efficient at removing plaque from hard to reach areas. It combines the benefits of a water flosser and string floss.

Below: computer rendition of Jetpik’s pulsating water jet + nylon string technology

Jetpik's pulsating water jet + nylon string technology

Personally, I’m not convinced that the pulsating floss technology has a big oral health impact. Moreover, even if it has some positive effect it also brings a small inconvenience – you need to replace Jetpik’s string cartridges every once in a while. Waterpik’s various flosser tips, however, could be useful if you have some special needs. For example, Waterpik produces a specialized tip for orthodontics and another one for periodontal pockets.

Below: 3 x Classic Jet Tip; Orthodontic Tip; Plaque Seeker Tip; Pik Pocket Tip; Water Flosser Toothbrush Tip

3 x Classic Jet Tip; Orthodontic Tip; Plaque Seeker Tip; Pik Pocket Tip; Water Flosser Toothbrush Tip

Because of the inconvenience of buying and changing floss cartridges and the lack of various water flosser tips, we will have to give Waterpik a slight edge over Jetpik in terms of oral health & hygiene effectiveness:

  • Waterpik 90%
  • Jetpik 85%

jetpik vs waterpik: Usefulness

Usefulness is where Jetpik products truly outshine Waterpik water flossers. Don’t get me wrong – Waterpik flossers are fine in most regards. They do the job they are supposed to do well. With its innovative features, however, Jetpik pushes practicality to a new level:

Compact: One of Jetpik’s best innovations is that the flosser doesn’t need a water tank. It can use any cup or bottle as a water reservoir. This means that all of the essential technology is situated within the handle. You don’t need to carry a bulky water reservoir with you when you travel! Of course, Jetpik provides an original reservoir – the JP200 and JP50 models have the Water Reservoir Cup, while the Jetpik Solo models use the case cover as a water reservoir.

Below: Jetpik JP51M-Solo using its travel case as a water tank

Jetpik JP51M-Solo using its travel case as a water tank

This compactness is very useful for travel, but it also saves counter space at home. Most of Waterpik’s products (even the cordless models, which are designed for travel) are quite bulky in comparison.

Multi-functional: Almost everything Jetpik produces is multi-functional. The JP50 and JP200 Water Reservoir Cup also serves as an accessory holder. Of course, it could also be used as a simple cup. We already mentioned that the case cover of the Jetpik Solo series can be used as a water reservoir. In the JP200 series (and JP210 Solo) the water flosser handle turns into a sonic toothbrush. You need to swap the water flosser tip for a sonic toothbrush head and you are good to go.

Below: Jetpik JP200 Ultra with all of its accessories 

Jetpik JP200 Ultra with all of its accessories

The most multi-functional products Waterpik has are the products of the Waterpik Complete Care series. Yet, the sonic toothbrush and water flosser are two separate units (despite the toothbrush being charged on the flosser). The whole bundle takes a lot more counter space. If you want to travel, you can take the sonic toothbrush, but the water flosser is too bulky to carry around with you – a problem that Jetpik water flossers don’t have.

Below: Waterpik Complete Care 5.0 (WP-861W)

Waterpik Complete Care 5.0  in white and black

Battery & charging: Waterpik has a clear distinction in their product range. They have countertop water flossers, which are meant to stay at home. They also have the more compact Waterpik Cordless series (our Waterpik Cordless Advanced review) specialized for travel. Jetpik’s approach is different – all their water flossers are designed with travel in mind. They are all cordless and work on batteries. Moreover, the charging systems of Jetpik are superior in terms of usefulness. Jetpik products have a USB charger that allows you to charge from any USB outlet when you’re traveling. Moreover, their adapter works on 100V to 240V, making it adequate for worldwide travel. In comparison, most Waterpik Cordless water flossers (excluding the Cordless Advanced) work only with North American voltage (120VAC/60Hz).

Below: Jetpik JP50 & JP200 travel case with USB induction charger in the back compartment

Jetpik JP50 & JP200 travel case with USB induction charger in the back compartment
Waterpik products are on average sufficiently practical and do their job as a water flosser very well. Jetpik’s very smart and innovative features, however, take the company’s products to the next level in terms of usefulness:
  • Waterpik 70%
  • Jetpik 90%

jetpik vs waterpik: design

Comparing Jetpik vs Waterpik in terms of design is difficult since Waterpik has a much more varied range of products. Some Waterpik water flossers are older and this is clearly visible in their outdated design – for example, the Waterpik Ultra WP-100. Newer Waterpik water flossers, however, display the company’s efforts to improve the looks of their products. For example, the Waterpik Cordless Advanced (WP-560) and Waterpik Complete Care feel stylish and refined.

Below: Waterpik Cordless Advanced in all available colors, showcasing a feminine feel to the design

Waterpik Cordless Advanced in all available colors

Unlike Waterpik flossers, all Jetpik products look very similar to each other. They offer choices – for example, the water reservoir cup comes in a few different colors, but it is very obvious that the main emphasis falls on functionality rather than looks.

Below: Jetpik JP50 Ultra

Jetpik JP50 Ultra with all of its accessories
All in all, we could say Jetpik products look much better than the outdated Waterpik models, yet don’t feel as polished as some of Waterpik’s newest water flossers.
  • Waterpik 75%
  • Jetpik 70%

Jetpik vs Waterpik: RELIABILITY

Reliability is arguably Waterpik’s biggest strength and Jetpik’s biggest weakness. Waterpik is the company that invented the personal oral irrigator market decades ago. They are the undisputed market leaders and thanks to their long engineering experience in building this kind of technology they know how to create reliable products. The same cannot be said for Jetpik. They are a relative newcomer. Moreover, they are not simply trying to imitate Waterpik’s proven technology. Jetpik is trying hard to invent innovative features and to differentiate themselves.

This is a difficult thing to do and sadly Jetpik is having obvious problems with making long-lasting products. Jetpik’s build quality is not good. The materials feel cheap and much more importantly they wear and tear quickly. Some customers are complaining about issues with the handle – buttons become unresponsive, the motor starts losing power, the handle starts switching between brush and floss mode. Moreover, there are issues with the battery – with time, it starts holding less and less charge, which is a big problem because it is not replaceable.

It is important to mention that Waterpik Cordless models with a rechargeable battery have the same (if not worse) battery problems as Jetpik flossers. This means that if reliability is your top priority, your best option is a countertop Waterpik water flosser (like the Waterpik Aquarius and Waterpik Sonic-Fusion). They are by far the most reliable products on the market. Their only reliability problem is potential leaks, yet this is a much more minor issue than the problems we mentioned above. Leaks often come from parts, which are replaceable – e.g. the hose connecting the tank to the handle.

  • Waterpik 75%
  • Jetpik 50%

Jetpik vs waterpik: Model COMPARISON

Below we will compare directly some Waterpik water flosser models versus their closest in price and function Jetpik counterparts.

Jetpik vs Waterpik, water flosser and sonic toothbrush combo products:

Waterpik’s Complete Care series is their attempt to combine effective brushing and water flossing in one product. All Complete Care models are in fact a countertop water flosser and a separate sonic toothbrush (most often Waterpik’s Sensonic), which can be charged on the water flosser. As we already mentioned, Jetpik tackles this in a different way. Their Jetpik JP200 series (and Jetpik JP210 Solo) allow you to use the same handle for flossing and brushing. All you need to do is to switch the water flosser tip with a sonic toothbrush head (and switch the mode). Below we will compare the JP200 Elite (in our opinion the JP200 model that provides the most value for money) to the similarly priced (on average) Waterpik WP-900. Bear in mind that Jetpik provides cheaper toothbrush + flosser options (JP200 Home & JP200 Travel), while Waterpik only has more expensive products (Waterpik Complete Care 5.0, 5.5, 7.0).

Waterpik WP-900 vs Jetpik JP200 Elite

Waterpik WP-900 vs Jetpik JP200 Elite

Waterpik Complete Care CC-01

  • Usefulness 75%
  • Design 50%
  • Reliability 75%
  • Value for Money 85%
  • Much more reliable (i.e. long lasting)
  • Various water flosser tips
  • Stand-alone sonic toothbrush
  • Requires a power outlet

Jetpik JP200 Elite+

  • Usefulness 95%
  • Design 70%
  • Reliability 50%
  • Value for Money 80%
  • Much more useful for travel – the Clip & tube allows the flosser to use any water container as reservoir;
  • Travel case
  • USB induction charger & a rechargeable battery
  • Smaller footprint
  • Tongue scraper

Jetpik vs Waterpik, water flossers for home use:

If you don’t care about a sonic toothbrush (or you already have one), you probably want to get a standalone water flosser. Here we compare the Jetpik JP50 Elite (the product we consider gives the most value for money from the JP50 product line) to the similarly priced Waterpik Aquarius – the most popular countertop water flosser on the market.

Waterpik Aquarius vs Jetpik JP50 Elite

Comparison: Waterpik Aquarius vs Jetpik JP50 Elite

Waterpik Aquarius WP-660

  • Usefulness 75%
  • Design 65%
  • Reliability 75%
  • Value for Money 75%
  • Much more reliable (i.e. long lasting)
  • Refined countertop flosser experience: various tips; finer control for water jet pressure; massage mode
  • Needs a power outlet

Jetpik JP50

  • Usefulness 90%
  • Design 70%
  • Reliability 50%
  • Value for Money 75%
  • Much better suited for travel: could use any water container as water reservoir; comes with travel case;
  • USB induction charger & rechargeable battery
  • Tongue scraper

Jetpik vs Waterpik, water flossers for travel:

Waterpik is beating Jetpik handily in terms of reliability so far, but when it comes to its travel range (Waterpik Cordless), things aren’t so clear-cut.

Waterpik has serious reliability issues with the non-replaceable batteries of its rechargeable cordless water flossers (very similar to the issues Jetpik has). Waterpik Soni-Fusion (SF-02) is Waterpik’s newest and fanciest model, sold at ~$150 on average. For this price, you could get almost two Jetpik JP200 Elites, which has a sonic toothbrush, tongue scraper, and is much more convenient for use at home with its water reservoir cup and accessory holder. In the same time, the JP200 Elite is very useful for travel. It takes less space in your luggage than the Waterpik Advanced because you don’t have to carry around its water reservoir, just the clip & tube.

Since we already talked about the JP200 Elite, below we compare two cheaper water flossers designed for travel – the Jetpik JP51 Solo and the Waterpik WP-450 Cordless Plus.

Jetpik JP51–Solo vs Waterpik WP-450 Cordless Plus

Comparison: Jetpik JP51–Solo vs Waterpik WP-450 Cordless Plus

Jetpik JP51 – Solo

  • Usefulness 85%
  • Design 65%
  • Reliability 50%
  • Value for Money 85%
  • More compact: Travel lid (cover) could be used as water reservoir
  • Accessory holder
  • LED battery indicator
  • Cheaper

Waterpik Cordless Plus (WP-450)

  • Usefulness 65%
  • Design 65%
  • Reliability 55%
  • Value for Money 70%
  • NA only charger
  • Slightly better build quality

Jetpik vs waterpik: FINAL THOUGHTS

It is not a coincidence that our Best Water Flosser of 2017 buyers guide includes primarily Waterpik and Jetpik products: the two brands are in one way or another on the pinnacle of the water flossing technology.

Yet, there is no clear winner in the Jetpik vs Waterpik matchup. On one hand, if you want to invest in a water flosser of high quality that will last as long as possible, you should buy a countertop Waterpik, like the Waterpik Aquarius WP-660. On the other – if you want a product that is multi-functional, has innovative features and is ideal for travel, Jetpik is your best option (e.g. the Jetpik JP200 Elite).