5 Things You Need In Your Bathroom (But You Didn’t Know It)

by | Oct 2, 2017

I love my bathroom.

No, seriously. It’s one of those places where I’m completely alone at last, getting that peace of mind. Shaving, showering, you name it. Being in my bathroom is a relaxing form of meditation.

To achieve this, however, I’ve created my own little space there. If I swapped it with another bathroom, I wouldn’t feel like that.

There are quite a few people who follow the same mindset and turn their bathrooms into cozy places.

Here are 5 things that can make your bathroom more enjoyable.

#1 A Mirror Mount for Your iPhone

Our smartphones go wherever we ourselves go. I would lie to you if I said I didn’t blast a video or some songs while taking a shower, for example.

Leaving your phone on the sink or throwing it in a basket isn’t the best course of action, however.

Grabbing a small bathroom mirror mount for my iPhone was one of those small, yet worthy decisions I’ve made.

You can attach these around your mirrors, over the bathroom door, or wherever you really wish to. Pretty nice for entertaining yourself if you feel bored in the bathroom!

Phone bathroom mount

#2 A Shower Curtain That’s Also an Organizer

Clutter. No living space can avoid us piling products upon products, the whole suite of possessions accompanying our daily life.

Think of all that stuff we use when taking a shower. Conditioners, shampoos, loofahs, sponges and a myriad of other products.

It can get crowded around there!

Creative Bath has considered us hoarders with this awesome vinyl shower curtain. You can put your various bath products in the pockets attached to the curtain itself.

Less clutter, more space, and that cozy feeling that makes you feel at home!

#3 A Good Trash Can

I didn’t realize how much I needed a proper trash can until I got one.

When shaving I use some cotton pads to apply skincare products. I’d usually pile them on the sink and make a quick trip to the kitchen afterward.

On other occasions, I’d interrupt my bathroom stays to venture back and forth to the nearest trash can.

It’s a small thing but can really feel frustrating: pacing back and forth all the time.

Even a small trash can will make a huge difference if it’s well-made and well-designed. More stylish bins will also sprinkle some interior design magic in your bathroom.

Functionality and elegance – awesome!

#4 A Water Flosser

Well, flossers are popular, but still…I couldn’t resist to point that out.

A good water flosser such as some of Waterpik’s models will make your bathroom routine more enjoyable. Not to mention the health benefits you get.

Above all, though, water flossers simply look cool. Especially if you pick one of the models that come in different colors.

I’m pretty much OK with the standard white-and-blue design of your average flosser. They suit my white tiles with navy blue ornaments.

#5 A Hard Water Softener

Some people dispute whether shower filters for hard water work, but I think they do have an effect.

A huge part of the US comes bundled with the hard water package. While some don’t mind it that much, others (like my girlfriend) don’t like the effect it has on their hair or skin.

Hard water filters aren’t that expensive and can turn things around once you install them. It literally takes a few minutes and you don’t need to be a DIY genius to set things up.

Remember: your bathroom is also an expression of yourself

What would you think of a person if their bathroom was filthy or boring?

Yeah, I guess so.

You would probably tie that fact to their personality, to some extent.

Making your bathroom a more cozy place isn’t only for the outsiders’ eyes sake, however. It’s for your own pleasure and satisfaction with how your home environment shapes up to be.

These 5 little items can contribute at least a little to you achieving a true bathroom nirvana. At least I think so!